What is A.F.BATT?


A virtual museum, and incubator.


A passion project.

The name A.F.BATT is an adaptation of  Michelangelo's inscription across the bodice of the Pieta. The platform is a digital exhibition space open to institutional critique, a space where the arts, fashion, design and craft meet.

Designed specifically for cultural border crossers it offers free insights to all who inquire.

The platform aims to spark curiosity and to cultivate a learning spirit amongst creatives from all walks of life through critical thinking and analysis.

The platform also hopes to encourage exposure for emerging creatives across the Singaporean and Perth art markets.

This space is highly conceptual and is collective in nature.

About Commissions and art production

The available articles from this space hope to kindle our consumers to perpetuate social mobility through mindful consumption. Each collaborative experience is conscious of the philosophy of all the creatives presented. 100% of the proceeds would go to the running of the space in hopes to establish a non-profit business model with residual income.

For transparency + Self-Censorship Disclaimer:

Art Theory adopted:

The Work of Art in the Age of Its Technological Reproducibility by Walter Benjamin

Viewer discretion and interaction is advised. Please kindly do not hesitate to contact a.f.batt if you do not sit well with any of the content produced. For queries please do not hesitate to contact a.faciebat@gmail.com


Reviews by audience made online and offline.

Emma Rose The Library

“'Emma & Rose - The Library' was a delightful foray into the works of some exciting new talent. The selected pieces from several young emerging artists from Singapore and provided them with a much needed platform to showcase their artwork. The exhibition took place over a weekend in a spacious, naturally-lit commercial warehouse setting. Unlike some other art exhibitions, 'Emma & Rose' was one where visitors were encouraged, right from the start, to not only look but also touch, feel, listen to, read and wear some of the pieces. Visitors spontaneously engaged in discussions about the pieces and the memories that each evoked. It was a refreshingly different exhibition. And we hope it will be the start of many more such to come.”

- Two Tubby Travellers

Volume One: When Viewed Online

“I really like the idea of this project, and I feel like things were made really clear for me on the How It Works page. What I like most of the interface is it being so clean, neat and yet subtly, simply unique.”


“The platform is so intriguing, it captures my inquisitive nature. I have always been interested in learning new things, this tickles my curiosity. The simplicity, the white space and the creativity flows so naturally that it makes you focus on the subject, a different perspective, a new story whilst putting your mind at ease.”


“This is a rather unconventional method of portraying one’s work on social media - especially in a generation that focuses so much on the initial aesthetics. This platform is an extremely clever and engaging medium. It centers on the very essence of what it means to appreciate the artist, her work of art and the story beneath the layers - or in this case, in the next few images!”


“The minimalistic and clean interface of the pages really popped out in a 21C world for me and I love how it fits so well within the current society while keeping a subtly unique space. Everything regarding the project was explained very clearly within the How It Works page and after seeing how this works made me want to consider contributing in the overall project itself.”

- JYK Studios



Founder promises to be an annual donor to Very Special Arts Singapore.


Founder promise to provide transparent practices when dealing with all partners within a physical space.