Cultural Mobility Prototype #1 Model

Cultural Mobility Prototype #1 Model

Vol. 1: A New Leaf

Digital zine: October 2018 - January 2019

Emma Rose the Library : 22-25 March 2019

How it works


Creatives get their works featured and are allowed to access the insights and information at any given time when live.


Once the online portfolios complete the entire cycle from A-Z, a hardcopy volume of the online books along with a compilation of the relevant insights would be produced. All participating creatives would receive one for free. This is to encourage independent cultural mobility in the age of smart cities and a 21C education era.


Only an edition of 11 would be made available for the public to purchase to fund the running of the space, and proper accounting shall be made on the logistics of production. An annual report would be made available for public viewing as well for transparency.

Real Outcomes:

  • Pixelation of the surveillance style book cover, an aesthetic dialectic, 2019

  • Physical copies available to the general public upon request in March 2019

  • Showcased creatives will receive their copies by mid February 2019

    Emma Rose The Library attendees may provide feedback here:

    Accountability and Series of Events:

    • All those featured have been contacted via sms or email.

    • And booklets have been sent out.

    • 11 issues available to the general public.

    • Mentorship programme with supervision and accountability established

    • A mixed showcase of the digital zine in physical form was presented in

    • We had a total of 23 visitors.

    • A donation of AUD3 during the entire run of the show

    • No sales of actual art objects during the showcase of the show (22-25 of March 2019)

    • Books showcased during the pop up (The Lasalle Show 2011 digital Catalogue, Muse SG Volume 8 Issue 1, SOTA Visual Arts Class of 2016 Graduating Portfolio, Singapore Art Museum: Medium At Large Catalogue, New Blood: Singapore Polytechnic Design School, Pages: Work in Progress, VA year 5, Art, You Need: Bob and Roberta Smith) have been donated to Paper Mountain.

    • 28th of March 2019: The ABC issue founded by Monique Fan and Emmelyn Wu from Perth WA decides on a rebrand. Although they believed to have cleverly coined ‘Asian Between Cultures’ in the formative months of their publication they have now realised that Moonrise and physical gatherings are more effective means of capturing what they stand for. Moonrise inline with artworks such as 月亮代表家人的心 as well as concepts of east and west starts to converge.

    • 1st April 2019: The ABC Issue rebrands herself to This is Moonrise

    • Artworks and Items from the show available via

Vol. 2: Ali’s Portfolio Showcase


A-Z Featuring Alexandra Slater’s Portfolio

Coming Soon

Pastel on Collage by Imani and Alexandra

Pastel on Collage by Imani and Alexandra