Perspective and Practice: Race and Religion a Harmonic Scale

You are an Asian girl of Chinese descent who has recently become a Christian; you find yourself attending a compulsory Catholic mass at the local convent school founded by French missionaries who have established the institutions as an opportunity for education for orphans.

Women from diverse backgrounds sing these words in unison:

De vos enfants, exaucez la priére

Veillez sur nous O Saint Pére Barré

Choisissez-vous un essaim d’ouvrières

Par le Seigneur à votre attirée

Dans L’institut, conservez d’âge en âge

Un zèle ardent, l’humilité, la foi

Le pur amour, la force et le courage

Pour observe à jamais votre loi 

How does this shape your perspective of the world?

How does this challenge your theological standing?

How would you mature in contemplation?

You walk across a love bridge demarcating the boundaries between the neighbouring boys school; you come across a recent work by an alumnus that was recently arrested for her artwork stuck alongside the love bridge.

How does this inform your art practice?

We all look the same,

You all look the same.

Not mere looks,

A glance within.

Simple dans ma vertu, Forte dans mon devoir.