New Year, New Horizons

Diverse curricular make allows one to recognise different trajectories of growth. One would come to appreciate small snippets of this life, and become exceedingly thankful for tiny moments, and the many well-mannered people you come across here on this terra incognito.

We were paired in our first lesson,

Shrey and I.

I was mesmerised by her adventures in Nepal and more! On birthdays her parents were kind enough to invite us over for Mo Mo. Although our tutor Mr H was somewhat peculiar, we’d probably have to thank him one day for viewfinder sketching sessions at Angkor that probably grounded both our forays into the arts subliminally.

There were moments that I do regret,

playing handball with other girls that mocked.

Coming back from Uni for a summer break and sorting out my room for the new year and I chanced upon a hand embroidered Nepalese leather pouch that I keep all my bobby pins in, a Nepali paper frame with a traditional turtle emblem, and a stack of letters we used to exchange as pen pals. Her address, the first few French words I memorised.

Le Chateau Mansion.

Moving takes a load out of young women,

new lands,

new friends,

never really settling.

Now Shreeya has grown into a beautiful mature young lady exploring her passions in the gritty city of New York.

And although it has been a while since I have met this young goddess I am sure she is well and wish her well.


Shreeya has officially mastered the art of the online gallery space. She was brought up in the Web 2.0 art era and has successfully utilised her interface in displaying her works in a fluid and mobile manner. Her platform is not static; she creates an added dimension in the multidimensional matrix commonly construed as a static 2D space in reality. A personal favourite would be Dear Mr Margiela.

I shall say nothing more, her space speaks for herself.

Good art needs no explanation.

Let’s Tesselate —————— >

Shauna Goh