Dying Trades: Befriend Your Local Cobbler


Uncle appreciates small conversations and people who understand his craft,

and wonders why one would bring their bag to a cobbler.

The truth is,

Uncle uses the best durable threads,

It is double woven and sealed with wax.

He is afraid to ruin the aesthetic of the bag,

I assure him he is mending for a utilitarian.

Unwanted shoes that are left forgotten are usually gifted to the foreign workers who build our city.

These small acts of kindness go unseen,

but uncle never fails to deliver.

Never be the one chucking $3 for a pair of flats with irreplaceable embellishments without a word

& always hammer in the soles after placing the adhesive for the best fit.

Remember to smile at the uncles when you walk by

Or wish them a “How do you do?“