Colours Of My Soul

Written by Talya Jane Shelley

Oh, Colours of my soul,

What do you say?

Swirl like the universe,

morph into things

Zoom into places,

give them wings


are forms I cannot convey


a mess in my heart,

on display

Art has created art,

My mind,


able to see this work of heart.

-Talya Jane Shelley


This piece of art 'Colours of my soul' is a result of my art therapy. The poem describes the process in hearty form. I start without a plan, but with Colours that I feel in that moment. I let the brush touch the surface of the leather canvas and allow my hands to flow with my heart. Swirls are created without conscious effort, and strokes form into other things that I intuitively feel I should add. Strokes become rockets, dragons and other things but I am not sure why. I consciously add details one after another to perfect the piece. As I finish, I take a step back in admiration as I realise it presents the innermost feelings in my heart that I couldn't consciously convey. It is a mess of a composition, but colours, positions, flow, and elements, somewhat healing. This is the work of art itself, art has created art, and I am satisfied with a part that has been expressed.

'Rockets of my Mind’

This continues on the pants with the swirls of the universe and a slightly more explicit depiction of my journey while I painted. The rockets zooming out from the mind of one person expresses my speed of expression, an outburst of forms, strokes and Colour, all to explore the space in my mind in an attempt to convey the language of my heart. I believe the vibrant and robust Colours expresses my Creative moment, as I follow my heart callings as to which Colour comes after to create the expressed forms. It is a work of heart, a letting go of soul, to let the artists create art once again.


It is my great joy to be apart of this blooming process with a fellow aspiring art therapist, with transnational PerthxSingapore ties. Your learning journey is going to be a great one <3 I’m beyond excited for what is to come.