A simple moment in time

like falling leaves upon the autumn floor,

Like life on earth

It comes and goes

and has no hold

a glint that one may delight in.

Transparency and Practice

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Emerging designers were given the opportunity to design a logo for this start-up based on the theme: Home, and were offered the benefit of a page on the website with their artist statements and profiles for further exposure. Designers would not have been working under a brief and would have total artistic freedom.

There was no reply to this Open Call aside from 5 likes.

The listing was then removed after the service was not required.

Emerging designers often go unpaid due to this practice,

and I intended to offer an honorarium alongside the features.

I then proceeded to design the logo on the software Canva developed by UWA alma mater to stay true to a diverse (yet similar) education fabrication within the software.

By utilising this software (Canva), I am demonstrating how entrepreneurs and small start-ups benefit from such enterprises and free services.