Can You Imagine ?

After receiving my first pay when I was much younger I can remember distinctly that mum and dad were travelling a lot that year, Mei just finished her rehearsals real late. And to have a short moment together after each day's end, we decided to attend a late night show together.

Curated by secondary school classmate Gabriela Lim, I purchased my first piece of artwork created by Jayl and Ashley Chen most commonly known as Tokiostreets & Gnarly Warly. Their shared experience growing up as sisters led them to etch this illustration.

This shared experience struck an accord with Mei and I when we were there.

The reason of purchase was because the illustration was triptych in nature (although it has more panels to it), was hoping to support this independently run show by local creatives and the theme explored within this work coincided with the phase of life I was in that time — a young girl upon her dad soldier’s shoulder walking into the unknown with eyes covered.

The adventure ahead was daunting.

Family walking through tough and uncertain times together.

This work will be on show at Emma Rose.