About Emma Rose The Library, A Reflection.

The exhibition hosted within the walls of Feld&Co. a creative communal space that hopes to go zero waste founded by Kerry and her Partner. Emma Rose the Library was showcased under the Tiny Spaces programme (lead by Laura) bringing intimate and small art experiences to the masses. The decision to showcase the exhibit in Feld& Co. is in line with what this space believes in and hopes to achieve in every showcase and fruitful collaboration. There were some ups and downs while establishing this space, and we are open to all forms of feedback for improvement. Initially, the idea for anonymity birthed as a critical pivot for this space for free conversation. However, being for transparency, it is to my great pleasure to reveal my identity. When this space uses (we) it represents us as an entity. When written with (I) it is written by the founder, unless otherwise stated.

The showcase is based on a true story, a culmination of reflections as I grew up and travelled across shores in the wake of understanding the world. These thoughts materialised into objects that offered meaningful discussions a place, space and time. And we look forward to hosting the next show for all to enjoy.

Just want to thank everyone for being so patient and understanding.

Love, Shauna.


Shauna Goh