Understanding Challenges, Get To Know the Artists: Goshi Youth

In this 21C era,

Dialogue, learning, and change can happen in many forms across digital mediums. Here is a raw and genuine conversation with emerging local emerging creative voices based in Perth. This was a facilitated exchange with Ella Wylynko.

In an attempt to stay true to the artist's voice,

these responses have been left unedited.

Describe Goshi as to how you envisioned it when the idea first came to you?

GOSHI was birthed at the cross roads of (a) my lack of knowledge and awareness of other creative likeminded people in Perth (b) my desire to become friends with these people and be inspired by them (c) the lack of platforms for young people to express their voices (d) and thereby the lack of alternative media outlets but (e) my lack of awareness in what already existed in Perth (in terms of an arts scene and community) and therefore endeavoured to find and help expose to others lost like me.

What is your role in Goshi? 

I guess you could say I am the creative director? I do a little bit of everything.. social media, graphic design, writing and editing, business management, proposals… the list is endless. 

If you had to give your 13-year-old self a word of encouragement when working in the creative industry in Perth what would it be? 

There is one! Or at least there is one developing and it’s worth delving into it and actually going to events and meeting people and putting yourself out there to the world. Every artist (every person) has something to show the world, and it is valuable no matter what people tell you or the current perception of art. 

A single word to describe the visual voice of the entire series. What were some of the challenges you faced in the earlier years of starting Goshi? And how can changemakers of any form help facilitate these issues moving forward? 

The visual voice is a brilliant term to describe what GOSHI is attempting to encapsulate. The main contention is that, there are so many cultures, voices, artist mediums, types of peoples and identities that it’s hard to have a single word to describe the entire scene. I guess ‘diverse’ it’s pretty generic but otherwise I’d say ‘unique’ ‘creative in our isolation’. 

Challenges I faced (and still do) is having a coherent branding (with wanting to represent such diversity) and attempting to assist and support everyone! 

I’d love people to submit articles and journalistic pieces along with interviews to help increase the words side of GOSHI, along with attending events and collaborating with each other because that’s what it essentially is (a community). 

If we all support each other Perth can emerge as a place full of culture, identity with diversity, an artist and international destination. 

Shauna Goh