Looking Toward The Cinderella State

In her isolation Perth often looks outward,

In her isolation, some look toward Perth.

We look at her with intrigue.

This is the beauty we have found.

As we look toward the Cinderella State.

In this 21C era,

Dialogue, learning, and change can happen in many forms across digital mediums. Here is a raw and genuine conversation with emerging local emerging creative voices. This was a facilitated exchange with Michael Furcciniti.

In an attempt to stay true to the artist's voice,

these responses have been left unedited.

Michael Furcciniti writes an opinion piece:


I bought a ticket to the WRIGHT archive runway show last month. The Perth based design collective is one of my favourite Aussie outfits: a clinical mixture of conceptual refinement and  avant-garde techwear. The most recent capsule was inspired by emergency garments, aptly titled 000. The concept was simple but executed well, exploring territory that the majority of the fashion world has not yet encountered. Similar to brands like Polythene and A-Cold-Wall*, WRIGHT Archive gives the impression of a meticulous research project, as if developed by team of scientists rather than designers. At the helm of the brand is Beau Gerhardy, a creative whose work extends beyond fashion. If 000 was anything to go by, WRIGHT Archive has the conceptual foundation for Gerhardy to completely focus his attention on. Naturally, I was very excited to see these pieces in person. Much to my inability to read fine print, however, I was unable to attend as I am Sydney based.

Taking the most logical course of action, I transferred my ticket the Alex Fredriksson, or @alexx.com.au. I discovered him through the High Fashion Talk Facebook group, and was impressed to see the creative variety emerging from Perth. Spanning collages, graffiti, photography and videography, Fredriksson’s bold and youthful oeuvre is a psychedelic dream. Skateboard culture and teenage bliss are admittedly not too close to my own tastes, but being able to craft a cohesive aesthetic through a variety of mediums is something I admire. Towards the end of last year his work was featured in CYPHER, an exhibition hosted by like-minded Perth creatives. Personally, the most interesting aspect of his work is yet to come. The development of such a rebellious aesthetic can go a variety of ways, but I’d definitely keep an eye out for what Fredriksson has planned for 2019.

Ilishx occupies the space between bedroom pop and mellow honesty. The pop/indie songstress embraces the popular trend of vulnerable music, echoing the likes of Clairo and Maggie Rogers. Her versatility, however, will be the key to her growth. Dreamy tracks like ‘minor changes’ contrast with sheer presence on ‘phone a friend’, making for a varied, albeit short discography. Her best song is by far ‘she’ll be’; a lullaby-like track with just the right amount of percussion. Perhaps the magic of her songs is in their simplicity, often relying on little more than her voice and a guitar. I can only imagine how much her music will mature with experience.

If Sydney has a creative scene as diverse as Perth, I’m yet to discover it. Events like WRIGHT Archive’s Runway Show and Fredriksson’s CYPHER seem to bring creatives together, giving them a forum to network and collaborate. Maybe we need more exhibitions and more shows. Or maybe I should just move to Perth.

Shauna Goh