The Longboard Analysis, An Art Practitioner's Point of View

Inline with our direction of supporting missions and visions of empowering groups such as LGCSG this platform ran a longboard giveaway. Detailed in the Instagram post was an image shot by the emerging filmmaker Alexandra Slater capturing a poignant desire of free learning space and liberty to learn how to skate aside from judgment. This highlights the importance of lifelong learning and how everyone can be an encouragement by voicing their understanding of the craft and their willingness to learn. This post hoped to pique the interest of followers to attend Pulse Perspectives in AGWA increasing museum visitor-ship online and offline.

Original Caption Reads:

A giveaway,

Tàn xiǎn zhě

Discussion | Pulse Perspectives
Jointly presented by AGWA and PICA.
In this informal and informative event, we heard from recently graduated student artists and emerging artists about how they moved ahead with their arts practice, post-school. There are myriad ways to make your way into professional arts practice. This was a great chance to learn how others have carved their path and share your own experiences. This talk was by perspectives artists Luke Button and Alexandra O’Brien and a viewing of the Pulse Perspectives exhibition, facilitated by PICA Curator, Charlotte Hickson.
The most poignant sharing was by Ben. I was drawn to his investigation of history and self and his bravery while liaising with Cambridge Council for his practice as a performative memoir to his oeuvre. Reminiscent of my former formal encounters with NACsg #discourse
Lexie shows extreme promise.
I am looking forward to following the development of her body of work soon. 
It is an extreme encouragement to see the development of museum programmes in Perth and highly recommend all to attend the show and to follow the public responses at #pulseperspectives. 
In light of this spirit of exploration, we would be giving away an exploratory art experience longboard worth AUD45. The longboard will include a map to an art trail around Perth city. Specially curated works of international street artists showcased in white cube settings in other parts of the world but made readily available to the public eye in Perth; you have to know where to go. 
To win this experience:
1. Follow us on Instagram
2. Like this post
3. Share this post with pals
4. Visit Pulse Perspectives currently on show at the Art Gallery of Western Australia, and submit a response to your favourite work in the comments section down below.
5. Proof that you can skate is preferred. 
This competition will be running until May 31st 2019, 5 pm. 
The fantastic Alexander Slater from Perth shot this photo in homage to female skaters. For more information, do give her portfolio a browse.
Dear younger self,
Write with intricacy.
Speak easy.
You are doing well.


angelostreetmarket: 😋

a.f.batt: @angelostreetmarket do visit#pulseperspectives Highly recommend

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a.f.batt: @skm_furniturethanks this photo is produced by @xandrasdream🍎

a.f.batt: @skm_furniture do also visit @agwapulse

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Demographic: 18-24, 62% Women, 38% Men. Perth and Singapore as top 66% Viewers.

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End Note.

This platform does not utilise paid promotions or algorithms; the engagement is entirely organic.

The giveaway is still available until the 7th of June 2019.

The winning essay will be published on our platform alongside images from the art trail.

To participate, please complete this survey to stand a chance to win the longboard:

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