Understanding Challenges, Get To Know the Artists: bittymacbeth

In this 21C era,

Dialogue, learning, and change can happen in many forms across digital mediums. Here is a raw and genuine conversation with emerging local musicians based in Singapore. This was a facilitated exchange with bittymacbeth.

In an attempt to stay true to the artist's voice,

these responses have been left unedited.

Who is bittymacbeth?

bittymacbeth is a blues-woman for the new millennium, singing of the trials and successes and us-ness of life. She speaks truth to power in every lyric, intention in every melody - a creator and prophetess in one. 

What are some challenges you face as a musician in the Singaporean music scene?

As a Singaporean musician, it's hard to cement a place in the international music industry with a large fanbase given that Singapore is small and touring overseas is expensive - the only place we don't need to fly to with gear is Johor Bahru, which isn't as prime a place for touring compared to KL or even some of the other bigger cities. I know some Malaysians who drive from KL to Singapore but they drive themselves in their own van. I feel like touring is one of the things that will help translate a one (or a few)-hit wonder with temporal success on streaming platforms to an iconic with a career with longevity. 

What would you suggest to counter these challenges?

Honestly I don't have a solid answer to this. I feel like a major label would help with defraying touring costs but not everybody's music is meant for a major label. I think more at a foundational level, working on stage presence, live performance chops and learning how to craft an engaging set - I imagine to command an international festival audience, you have to be able to perform like you're at an international festival. Maybe also getting a booking agent, but it might a bit of stretch to have both a manager and agent starting out, so at least one or the other? 

Creatively express your favourite colour.

The peel of a banana, a sliver of the sun's rays, happiness and child-like bliss. 

Shauna Goh