Understanding Challenges, Get To Know the Artists: Ella Wylynko

Founders Note

In this 21C era,

Dialogue, learning, and change can happen in many forms across digital mediums. Here is a raw and genuine conversation with emerging local emerging creative voices based in Perth.

This was a facilitated exchange with Ella Wylynko.

Ella and I had the opportunity to sit down for a chat via Facetime with regards to our current artistic pursuits. We covered topics revolving around her answers to the Q&A about Goshi as well as her current practice. What I particularly enjoyed about her work is her boldness in exploring political themes at such a young age. As a self-publisher, she brought into question the ethics of creative use and visual distortion. Her artwork is primarily socially, politically and philosophically conscious. She believes in the power of art as a means of positive change and progress. Therefore, she explores various contentious issues through her work, whether that be film, visuals, sound or graphic design. Her work is a response to the climate that humans have created. Ella can’t wait to see where GOSHI leads and which incredible artists she can connect with next.

Shauna Goh