Understanding Challenges, Get To Know the Artists: Ann Marie


In this 21C era,

Dialogue, learning, and change can happen in many forms across digital mediums. Here is a raw and genuine conversation with emerging local emerging creative voices based in Perth.

This was a facilitated exchange with Ann Marie.

Tell us more about the vision and mission of your work

I use photography and graphic design to showcase various fashion looks and create a series of themed images. My main goal is to celebrate and empower women by showcasing different body sizes and skin colour through photography, graphic design, and fashion. 

What were some of the challenges you faced in the earlier stages of developing your portfolio

I would say guidance within the industry. I didn’t have any knowledge in the fashion photography industry. For example, where to find models, HMUA, stylist, etc., steps in setting up a photoshoot, good locations to shoot, general tips and advice. It would have been nice to have this kind of resources and people to ask within the local industry. 

And how can changemakers of any form help facilitate these issues moving forward? 

Having a mentor would definitely be helpful. Maybe having a list of industry experienced mentors that people can connect with and talk to for questions and advice. Or even a local hub or a group for people in this particular industry. 

I’m always interested in connecting with other creatives!

If you ever want to connect and talk about anything creative, please don’t hesitate to DM me on Instagram! 

Shauna Goh