Longboard Resolve.

Founders note:

I have edited some of the work for clarity when an image is absent. Minjoo's response is raw and genuine as it is her first reflection when looking at the work. Void of knowing the artist's biography, she views the work through her biographical lens. 

Approved edited abstract by Min:

When I was younger, I was more sensitive to the world.

The world looked weird, full of questions.

Wandering away from family, I desired to move forward toward a much larger, more diverse horizon.

When alone, I used to draw some paintings to channel my feelings.

I needed an outlet for my anxiety and anger before it dominated me.

There was an excellent chance for me reminisce my adolescence in AGWA, Pules Perspectives. Forty-six pieces of artwork were displayed in the basement of AGWA. The themes spanned one's individual feelings to that of political agenda. Olivia's work struck me the most. It explores the artist's identity and a strong desire to peel his/ her self away. It was familiar to me as one who used to be immersed by the desire to destroy myself. 

Unedited article and more insights of the Perth and Korean art scene do visit: https://elephantrampant.blogspot.com/2019/06/art-gallery-of-wa-pulse-perspective.html?fbclid=IwAR2LPBHbsFIw_YABE2f81lsakuqvvZTqPiNiOLkq-geQ8QGV5Mg8uDRcJRw#more

Shauna Goh