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We are currently at an exciting time in Perth's cultural history. The Perth Comic Art Festival 2019 has just come to a close with 1000 visitors on the day, ushering in a fantastic week alongside XR: WA.

This is a reimagined landscape of Perth. Ceiling-high shelves, and mobile reading ladders. A lost treasure.

Artist Statement

The image is inspired by Cyberpunk style, featuring the closed down bookstore located at Perth, most of the painting done by using 3D models and photobashing techniques.

Artist Bio

Mingho is a concept artist from Perth, Western Australia, born in Hong Kong, and specialized in environment design, key art, and marketing illustration. His training course ends at the CG Master Acadamy and Learn Squared, where he learned about the art of great masters such as Maciej Kuciara, Aaron Limonick, that inspired him to be a concept artist. It is precisely here that his style changes, but mostly his work maintains specific "realistic style" of each image; one of his favorite videogames - The Last of Us has inspired him to focus on realistic illustration and great detail polished image. Mingho uses 3D programs such as Blender, 3Dcoat, and Modo to help achieve his workflow, combine with 2D painting techniques and photography to create a polished image in a quick, efficient way. As a freelancer he has produced a wide range of illustrations for different media, has also contributed to the creation of works for some role-playing games.

Shauna Goh