Finding Home 2 Presents The Dragon Dream by Sophie Cheung

The significance of the film selected for the second edition is exceptionally contemporary and needed. A.F.BATT will be screening The Dragon Dream during September at YMCA WA HQ.

Founders Note, Location Singapore:

In 2015 a young doctor jumped to his death in the highrise building that I lived in. That same year and season, I quit music lessons to focus on what my immediate community would have deemed as more important than arts education in order to stay ahead of my peers. During this time, the international press would also have circulated statistics of increasing suicide rates amongst students due to academic stress. This information was often withheld by the monopolized media that often forged messages to reinforce our economic flourishing.

Sanitized exterior.

Decaying interiors.

First world nations.

Deteriorating souls.

Shauna Goh